Let’s Get Ready!

1- The final date for the receipt of your full draft is March the 15th!

2- Please let us know if you need to send us your reviewed abstract as we will upload the programme shortly. The conference booklet will not be changed once it is published, so make sure to let us know if you still need to make a slight change to your abstract

3- Guest-tickets are available for the reception of the conference at a small cost of £20.00 for postgraduate students and £30.00 for established scholars and researchers. Guest-tickets will be available by March the 24th; anyone wishing to attend our reception which includes an introduction to Liverpool embodiments project series; what we work on and what we publish, our international journal, etc. is welcome upon bringing their ticket along to the event. In order to get a ticket, please send us your brief biog and intention to participate by the 24th emailing us to painpara@liv.ac.uk

4- The conference is intended for academics in relevant fields, who have participated by sending us their abstracts and full drafts through registration during the past year. Also for guests who wish to get to know our project series better, we are providing guest-tickets and invitations. All delegates, whether presenting or non-presenting, guests, etc. need to register and get their tickets by our deadlines. We will not be able to allow attendance if someone just turns up on the day!! I trust you agree that in order to secure the best form of academic collaboration we need to know the expertise of delegates who attend. This also means that we will know the exact numbers in order to help our catering and management staff to have exact info, so as all will be functional…

5- Please make sure to bring handouts for your presentation; we will need them to make connections with one anothers’ work and this will come handy once we start our publication process. It is in the interest of our project series that we strongly discourage any form of PowerPoint presentation (prevalent among scholars in sciences) or verbatim reading of your text! We appreciate that verbatim reading is a very established form of presentation particularly in humanities, but we encourage much more than these methods! Please come along with a view to talk us through your work rather than reading it to and for us. We are seeking dialogue that reaches beyond the quest/answ sessions, so your aim of discussion must be brought to the moment you start presenting. No delegate is allowed more than 20 minutes for their paper. My personal experience in different conferences has taught me that we must stop the speaker if they go even one minute beyond their time. So 5 minutes before finishing, you will be shown a yellow card by your chair. Once you have used your 20 minutes, your chair will stop you by showing you the finish blue card. So if you need to delete sections from your paper, please make sure to do so before the conference, so you won’t regret being unable to finish your paper!