As preparations for our inaugural event come to close, we have received many requests for journal plans and forthcoming publications of our project series. During 2011, many scholars contacted us to be part of this event and attend either as presenting delegate or as non-presenting. Given the importance of international context, research coherence and relevance, we have only accepted papers which demonstrate depth of knowledge from delegates who have the potential to bring science and humanities from different continents together. The ability to make multidisciplinary and multi-cultural conversation in practice is our first and foremost priority. This is part of our project ethos, to encourage engagement in ‘rich dialogue’. This kind of conversation, not only requires a sound background of research and a fine portrayal of knowledge, but also demands a great deal of patience, tolerance, commitment, and respect for intellectual multi-culturality.

If your work has so far been of the highest academic standard but you do not show that you are capable of working with other cultures, we do not accept your paper. In other words, attending our annual conferences is only merited on the basis of your potential for great colaborative and interactive research. We believe that scholars who attend conferences and workshops only for the sake of self-promotion exhaust the audiance to extremes. On the other hand, there were scholars who could perfectly fit in our project series this year but they were late for sending abtracts or getting registered. We welcome your attendance in our forthcoming events. Our second conference; Melancholy Minds & Painful Bodies: Genealogy, Geography, Pathogeny will take place during July 2013 at the University of Liverpool. Keep an eye on our project blog http://paranoiapain.wordpress.com for updates and more information this spring!

Founders of Embodimnts Project Series, University of Liverpool

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