Abstracts Deadline: 30 November 2011

As we approach December, the organising board are working on a special Christmas Newsletter to be uploaded before the holiday season, so keep an eye on this blog and our news link.

We are also sorting out the conference programme which is indeed pretty exciting. If you have not yet sent us an abstract, you can do so until 30 November 2011. Email your abstracts to painpara@liv.ac.uk

We have received quite a few emails from academics who wish to attend without presenting papers. The conference is open to all PhD scholars and established researchers in all relevant areas to our conference themes. However, the steering group need to review your current work. This is intended to prevent any irrelevant attendance so that we can see a focused coherence in our project. If you have already published about paranoia and pain or if you have a current research track in this field, send us a brief biog. note including your affiliation and a maximum of 500 words about your research. We will then let you know if your presence will be beneficial to you and our conference. 

At this very moment in time and as we approach end of 2011, let us leave our pcs, pens and papers for a few minutes and reflect. There are people around the world who struggle with paranoia and pain in body and spirit… and we are getting ready to discuss this topic in the new year. Maybe some of us who are going for this conference have touched on the subject in personal levels as well as in our professional lives. Let us then unify and think of every person with paranoia and pain and hope that we can find far more effective coping strategies and never be blinded to other people’s sufferings…

Organising Board of Paranoia and Pain (University of Liverpool, 2-4 April 2012)


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